Turn Your Home Into A Scandinavian Winter Wonderland

scandinavian christmas

Scandinavian style always makes a comeback around December and with good reason! Yuletide decor from Norway, Sweden, and Finland finds a lovely balance between so many styles. Its simple color scheme is matched by the complexity of detail and craftsmanship. The intricate detail of the handmade decor is presented with lovely clean lines. Then there’s the delightful whimsy of the holiday gnomes, Dala horses, and yule goats! It’s no wonder we all want to bring a little Scandinavian style into our homes around Christmas.

From left to right and top to bottom, here’s our Scandinavian Christmas decor inspiration.

  1. Add some simple Scandinavian style with  Red & White Pattered Ribbon. You can wrap packages with it, tie ornaments to the tree, or fill a bowl with the spools for a sweet vignette.
  2. This Neutral Gnome is amazing! I want a whole family of them to put around my house!
  3. Decorate some Gingerbread Houses and cookies with white icing, and use them to deck your kitchen for the holidays.
  4. If you want a true Scandinavian Christmas, you’ve got to get a Straw Yule Goat!
  5. I love the idea of adding a simple Kerchief to my apron while I’m baking in the kitchen. This little one looks adorable.
  6. Add a Straw Christmas Ornament or two to your tree to get that Nordic feel. They’re very inexpensive, but they look truly beautiful and intricate. An entire tree decorated with them would be magical.
  7. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas the Scandinavian way with this God Yul Print. It’s clean and simple, and would look great leaning on your mantle.
  8. Scandinavian holiday decor relies so well on Simple White Decor. It makes everything look snow covered,. And it makes it really easy to mix and match year to year as you add to your decorations.
  9. This  Minimalist Star Hanging is captivating. Hung over a bed or in a hallway, it would add a lot of character to a room.
  10. When in doubt for your holiday decorating, use Apples. They’re the perfect color for the holiday and you can snack on your decor if you get peckish.
  11. Another Scandinavian yuletide must-have is a Hand Painted Dala Horse. These are found everywhere in Sweden during the holiday season.

Did we miss a Scandinavian decor idea you love? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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